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Statistics – Page Activity Report

AgencyLogic PowerSites include detailed statistics to answer, among other questions, how many people visit your single property Websites. Please follow these steps to access the data and reports – if you have additional questions give us a call on: (888) 201-5160 or email: Step 1: Log into your account and click the PowerSite you want to see reports on. You can also click "My PowerSites" to see a list of your single property Websites: AgencyLogic Support 1 Step 2: Click the "Marketing" tab: AgencyLogic Support 2 AgencyLogic Support 3 Step 3: Click the "PowerSite Statistics" link: AgencyLogic Support 4 The default report is the "Overview" report - to select the "Page Activity" report simply click on the drop down box: single property website Note: You can change the date range to see activity over a longer or shorter period (make sure you click the "Refresh" button): single property website The "Page Activity" report details on how many times specific pages were viewed: single property website As you look at the statistics you need to understand the following key terms: Visits: A count of each time someone viewed your PowerSite. They can look at dozens of pages, download documents, floor plans etc. but this still counts as 1 visit. That same person could view your PowerSite later the same day and would count as another visit. Page View: Is a count of each PowerSite page displayed. The whole page (images and photos) counts as 1 view. Hit: Is the number of items displayed to your clients including a Web page, graphic or a photo. Each one counts as 1 hit. In addition to the graphical representation of the data it is also shown in tabular form: single property website
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