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PowerOffice - Overview

AgencyLogic provides PowerOffice, a set of tools and features that allow brokers and franchises to manage enterprise volumes of single property Websites. To get access to PowerOffice give us a call on: 

(888) 201-5160 

or email:

Step 1: Log into your account. You will see PowerOffice from the main menu:

 Single Property Websites

Step 2: Click on the PowerOffice link. From here a pop-up window will appear giving you one-click access to all of the PowerOffice features:

 Single Property Websites

Step 3: The PowerOffice system allows an administrator to:

  • manage users
  • assign or revoke licenses
  • track sales activity
  • purchase licenses at a discounted rate
  • determine which design templates your agents may pick from
  • improve your firm’s search engine rankings.


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