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Why can't I upload documents or floor plans?

If you're having problems uploading documents or floor plans to your PowerSite, it's almost certainly because you're using Google Chrome as your browser (though you may have a similar issue with other browsers). Google Chrome now blocks Flash by default. Flash is the particular technology used for the document and floor plan upload feature and some browsers, most notably Google Chrome, disallows Flash from working automatically. If you used to be able to upload documents but now you can't, it's very likely that your browser updated to a new version and now doesn't allow Flash. You can update a setting in your browser to allow Flash to run on the AgencyLogic admin system and therefor allow you to upload documents.

Here's how to allow Flash to run for our site in Google Chrome:

  1. When you're logged into the your AgencyLogic Admin system ( in Chrome, click on the info icon (it will look like an "i" in a small circle) in the upper left edge of the browser address bar. A small box will pop open.
  2. Next to the Flash option, select "Allow" from the drop down menu.
  3. Chrome will likely ask you to refresh/reload the the page, do this.
  4. Now that Flash is allowed to run in your browser, you should now be able to upload documents  when in your AgencyLogic admin system.

Please get in touch if this browser settings update does not work for you!


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