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How do I renew an expired PowerSite?

You can renew and reactivate expired PowerSites

If you'd like to renew an expired PowerSite, please contact or send a message and provide us with the domain name (URL) you'd like to renew. We'll look into the availability of the expired domain and get back to you as soon as possible. More often than not, we can easily renew the expired PowerSite and your site will be back online very quickly. There is an additional fee for reactivating expired sites. Please enquire for further information.

Additional details on expired PowerSites

Once a domain name expires, it's no longer ours and we'll need to re-purchase it from our domain registrar. Expired domains remain in a grace period with our registrar for 45 days and during this time (0-45 after expiration) it's simple for us to renew them for another year and reactivate your PowerSite. This must be done manually which is why expired domains cannot be renewed through your PowerSite account. 

Unavailable expired domain names

After the 45 day grace period, expired domains enter a new status called Redemption Grace Period for 30-60 days. During Redemption Grace Period, unfortunately we cannot renew the domain name. If you'd like to reactive a PowerSite but your domain name has entered Redemption Grace Period, you have two options to put your site back online:

  1. Wait until the Redemption Grace Period is over and the domain name is released. We're happy to check the status of your domain name for you.
  2. Choose a new domain name for your PowerSite. We can purchase an entirely new domain name for use on your PowerSite. You do not have to re-built the site! 

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